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BLUE GOLD can be utilized in a variety of different type washers - as long as there is sufficient agitation. This agitation can be provided by some of the following methods.

Parts Spraywashers
From both safety and performance points of view, BLUE GOLD is a significant improvement over the caustic powders and solutions commonly used in spray degreasing equipment. As a dilution of 1:30 with water, heated to 140 degrees, BLUE GOLD effectively cleans preservative oils, light, unpigmented drawing compounds, milling oils and light mill scale from parts. Because of BLUE GOLD's unique abilities, spray nozzles stay clean from contaminate buildup. Since no rinsing is required, an economical single-stage washing system is practical.

Ultra-sonic Systems
BLUE GOLD, in a ration of 5%, has proven to be a perfect solution for cleaning operations involving ultra-sonic tanks.

Heated Dip Tanks
BLUE GOLD at 1:20 concentration with water in a tank heated to 140 degrees replaces all hazardous caustics and acids in submersion washing systems. Parts washed in BLUE GOLD and thoroughly dried are protected from rust for approximately 7 to 15 days. These parts can then be coated or bonded with no further treatment.

BLUE GOLD Cleaner / Degreaser can also replace chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemicals in vapor degreasing tanks. Those very same vapor tanks can be converted to BLUE GOLD submersion systems in a very short time and little expense. We recommend the conversion for improving agitation so as to insure cleaning effectiveness.

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