Modern Chemical Inc.

In 1974, three basic tests were performed on rabbits and lab mice to determine the toxicity, if any, of BLUE GOLD through inhalation, ingestion and prolonged dermal exposure. The results: toxicity levels were too low to measure by conventional tests, even with severely exaggerated dosages and conditions. The conclusion: no special handling procedures or sophisticated ventilation systems are necessary when BLUE GOLD is used in cleaning and degreasing equipment.

Performance tests yielded still more impressive reports. BLUE GOLD Cleaner/Degreaser outperforms most caustics, chemicals and solvents, even at reduced operating temperatures. It is safe to use on all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and does not harm painted surfaces

BLUE GOLD also keeps the equipment itself clean and corrosion free, eliminating limes and particle build-up on heating coils. Since BLUE GOLD does not react with the oils it removes, the product can be cycled again and again through cleaning systems with little or no loss in efficiency. On the average, BLUE GOLD has performance life four times greater than standard cleaning solutions

BLUE GOLD disperses oils so there is no sludge build-up. When the agitation system is turned off, oils rise to the surface and can be removed easily, while particles settle to the bottom leaving the solution clean virtually new.

Modern Chemical Inc. will be pleased to furnish complete test reports from nationally recognized testing laboratories.

      Non-corrosive Rust Inhibitive
      99.3% Phosphate Free Recyclable
      Meets OSHA Requirements
      Highest acclaims for effective
        cleaning and degreasing
      The single product to solve
        storage and handling problems
      Eliminates harmful effects to
        personnel, equipment and products
      Lower insurance costs when
       replacing toxic, flammable or
        corrosive materials
      Proven operator acceptability