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What Is It?
BLUE GOLD is an all-purpose water-dilutable hard surface cleaner which is concentrated, recyclable, biodegradable and possesses an indefinite shelf life.

What It's Not
BLUE GOLD is not corrosive, flammable or toxic (either through vapor inhalation, skin contact or ingestion

What It Does
BLUE GOLD cleans more effectively than the unsafe products it replaces, as proved by the Federal Standard Cleaning Test (we would be happy to show you a copy). BLUE GOLD will eliminate your cleaning room injuries (ask for a copy of the Standard Safety Lab Tests). BLUE GOLD will allow you to dispose of your cleaning wastes safely and so avoid the penalties imposed by the EPA.

Because of today's tougher environmental regulations, and the exorbitant costs of managing hazardous chemicals, we encourage your company to evaluate the effectiveness of BLUE GOLD's performance. Today BLUE GOLD is used throughout the aerospace, automobile, industrial gas, and manufacturing industries

BLUE GOLD has been successful in replacing many corrosive caustic cleaners as well as ozone - depleting solvents such as:
      1, 1, 1 Trichloroethane

Learn more about Blue Gold's products and how they work. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

      What is BLUE GOLD?
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