Modern Chemical Inc.

BLUE GOLD will save you money because:
  1. It is concentrated, recyclable and water-dilutable. (About 50 cents per gallon in a 4% solution, so each 55 gallon barrel provides 1,375 gallons of usable solution BEFORE it is recycled. Every ounce and dollars works harder.)

  2. You will be subjected to no fines or costly redesigning by order of the EPA or OSHA.

  3. BLUE GOLD's indefinite shelf life enables you to buy in quantities at reduced rates (and with present-day cheaper dollars) and store confidently until ready until use. BLUE GOLD also works on all metals so you need buy only one cleaner/degreaser. This will save you expense and confusion in the inventory process.

  4. BLUE GOLD reduces your legal expenses and eliminates costly settlements. No accidents, no injuries, no aggravating lawsuits.

  5. BLUE GOLD will help you whittle your fire, accident and liability insurance premiums down to size.

Learn more about Blue Gold's products. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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